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Our programs are offered to youngsters between 10 and 17 years old. Being open to the world is part of the CSJV's core values. Here, each child is welcomed, encouraged, mentored, and guided so that they feel part of the CSJV family and can integrate quickly. Our future-oriented educational program, dynamic team, outdoor campus, and modern school residence will allow every student to achieve their full potential in a stimulating environment.

  • The De-Click Program (digital citizenship - 1 iPad per student) and use of technology in the learning process;
  • Ranking based on students' interests and abilities;
  • A multidisciplinary team to guide and encourage students;
  • Several measures to foster academic success (peer support, teacher mentor, differentiated instruction program, etc.);
  • A modern and contemporary library.


The CSJV offers an up-to-date academic program with innovative and motivating projects for youngsters:


Cultural or immersion camp (1 to 8 weeks)

A combination of courses, as well as sports, artistic, and scientific activities offer a balanced overview of Quebec culture and a portal to the French language. Students will visit the most beautiful sites Quebec has to offer.* The camps can be adapted to the specific needs of each group.


Cultural exchange (1 month, 3 months, or 12 months)

A great way to take on French and improve your English! International students will enjoy full immersion and will be able to discover the cultural richness that Quebec and Canada have to offer. They will take part in various activities, visit many of the province's points of interest, and receive a diploma at the end of the camp's session.

Secondary school diploma, French or English (3 years or 6 years)

With 60 years of experience in education, the Collège St-Jean-Vianney has become a stimulating international school that promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle that's harmonious with nature. Depending on the needs of each student, obtaining a secondary school diploma may include:

  • A French-acquisition class (duration: up to 12 months);
  • An English refresher class (duration: up to 12 months);
  • Primary level (grade 5 and grade 6)
  • Secondary level (grades 7 to 10)