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Why choose CSJV? | International

 9 rEAsons For choosing CSJV

Our programs can be adapted to your child's needs


A modern vision of education and fast-paced groups

A very wide variety of activities and exceptional facilities


The advantages of the big city while being in the middle of a vast nature park

A College open to the world; a multicultural college


Personalized guidance and support

The initiator of a high-quality techno-pedagogical program



Several languages taught

A very strong sense of family




Does your child need additional periods in French or English? Or would you like to give them the opportunity to go further in science? The CSJV offers a differentiated instruction program. The concept is quite simple: teachers carry out projects in small groups, allowing them to clearly identify the needs and interests of our youngsters. As such, we adapt to the needs and interests of each student.

Further, students can enjoy the benefits of our Daily Activity Programs (DAP – 55 minutes daily), which offers enrichment periods or educational reinforcement. Each activity is given and led by College teachers.


Many CSJV alumni are attending prestigious universities. What's more, we have an excellent graduation rate. It's the result of hard work put forward by our team of experienced and passionate educators and our management's very modern vision. Teachers are bursting with imagination and hone it to capture students' interest and clearly explain different concepts. All of our team members work together to implement the best learning conditions for our youngsters.


Does your child love dance, sports, science, or technology? The CSJV offers over 30 different activities during class hours. The Daily Activity Program (PAQ), exclusive to the CSJV, provides one period per day (55 minutes) from the students' schedule to participate in an activity of their choice.

Our campus includes a soccer stadium with artificial turf, an auditorium, science labs, volleyball courts, a training room, dance studio, football field, two outdoor soccer fields, an improvisation space, gymnasiums, and a library. Indeed, the College's students are provided with a myriad of choices for their chosen activity.





At the CSJV, we often see deer, ducks, and foxes. Since it's located in the heart of Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park, it's a long way from convenience stores and fast-food restaurants. Youngsters have the opportunity to study in a peaceful and charming environment. Several walking trails crisscross the grounds adjacent to the College. Biology and science classes become an awesome experience, as they can easily take place in the large nature park.

The College's ideal location lets students get to Montreal's downtown attractions in a few minutes' time (15). As such, students enjoy all the advantages of the big city (museums, shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants, festivals, concerts) and those of the countryside (huge fields, the outdoors, animals, clean air).


CSJV students come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds (and from over 30 countries!). Through its values (independence, goodwill, curiosity, surpassing oneself, openness to the world), the CSJV is attuned to the world. We organize several trips (international cooperation, immersion, etc.) each year for our students. They're also encouraged to learn new languages.

At the CSJV, we celebrate our differences and we encourage our youngsters to do the same.


Our educational institution provides students with personalized guidance. Students take their courses in the same classroom, giving them stability that fosters learning. Each international student has a teacher mentor who offers them weekly individual meetings to follow up on academic questions.

It's also possible to pair a local student to an international one, ensuring a smoother integration into their life at the College.

Moreover, we're very well equipped to welcome and supervise every student, even those with special challenges. The CSJV team includes a youth counsellor, two special education technicians, a guidance counsellor, resource teacher, as well as a cultural, community, and spiritual facilitator. In addition, we also offer make-up time, mentoring, tutoring, and a space for extra allotted time are offered to students.


In the era of new technologies, the College provides teachers and students with a variety of technological tools to support learning. Examples include iPads, a Fab Lab (creative space), projectors, whiteboards, flexible classes, laptops, and interactive boards. The CSJV offers its attendants the best tools to hone their understanding of every subject and to foster knowledge acquisition. Above all, they also serve to engage students in the learning process.


The CSJV provides French and English programs for its attendants to obtain their secondary school diploma. Students who register for the program in English will still take French classes and vice versa. This is an added bonus for our international students who will learn not one, but two languages. What's more, they can also take Spanish classes. How is the CSJV a portal to the rest of the world?


The College's sense of family has a strong presence – just ask our alumni! Doing so is easier than you think, as 25% of the College's employees completed their studies with us. Throughout the year, the CSJV's educators organize activities that bolster our students' sense of belonging to our institution. The College is stepping up its efforts to make our attendants' secondary journey a memorable one. Our entire team is working together to create an atmosphere of well-being that will enable students to flourish.