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At the CSJV, the overall well-being of our students is a priority. Our team meets once a week to discuss various prevention and awareness activities, and work together to help students who are experiencing emotional, social, behavioural, psychological, school, and developmental issues, amongst others.

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Special education technician

Two special education technicians supervise, guide, and equip students with the tools they need to handle challenging behaviours (lack of respect, failing to follow rules, etc.). They work on conflict resolution and are an important resource for giving students a helping hand and lending them an ear.


Spiritual Life and Community Involvement Facilitator

The spiritual life and community involvement facilitator supports students on an individual or collective basis. They guide those who need to explore particular challenges or find solutions to social, spiritual, and community involvement issues. They ensure that each student feels well at the CSJV and pay special attention to the integration of international students.

Throughout the year, they also carry out programs offering community, humanitarian, spiritual, and cultural activities aimed at encouraging students to develop an independent and responsible lifestyle.


Youth counsellor

Our youth counsellor/sexologist meets with students individually for crisis management, or issues related to stress, anxiety, eating disorders, and personal/interpersonal problems. They're able to conduct psychosocial assessments of students as well as develop crisis management tools. What's more, the counsellor conducts prevention activities and information sessions with students.


Teacher mentor

Each international student will be accompanied and supported by a teacher mentor. Students can refer to them at any time for questions related to school organization or educational life. The teacher mentor will organize weekly meetings to properly guide the student.



What kind of work will I do later on? In which university will I study? When you're 14, 15, or 16, these questions aren't easy to answer. Our educational and career guidance counsellor assists students in their career plan by helping them discover their needs, interests, abilities, and personality.

They'll advise our international students on their academic and career paths as well as help them make choices concerning their post-secondary education. The counsellor is also there to assist them with the admissions process for post-secondary studies.



Eating well and having good options: these are the goals of the entire team working in the CSJV cafeteria. The cafeteria offers full meals for $6.75. Meals include salad, soup, bread, a main course with a side dish, beverage, and dessert. Two choices of hot meals are offered each day, in addition to the sandwich counter, and a section for homemade pizzas and paninis.

As well, the canteen is available for snacks and lunch. Students living in the residences can also opt for the breakfast and dinner options. Two cafeterias have microwaves; the residences' common room is well equipped (toaster, microwave, refrigerator, dishes, etc.). For dinners and breakfasts, parents must fill out a monthly reservation form and choose different dishes for the coming month.

The following is the lunch menu for the 2018–2019 school year (ATTACHMENT in French only).



The College's library is a favourite spot to study, read, play board games, and do homework. It's open every day of the week from 7:45 am to 4 pm.

Did you know that the library loans over 2,270 books each year? With their collection of more than 20,000 items, it's no wonder! What’s more, the CSJV collection offers students a variety of documentary works related to teachers' curriculum and educational needs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and an inviting choice of novels and comics.

The CSJV Librarian organizes many activities such as the Book Fair, the Literary Grand Prix, and Reading Week.



CSJV students can choose their uniform from a beautiful clothing collection. They wear uniforms in their regular classes and in different sports activities. Uniforms are also a great way to reinforce a sense of belonging. The clothing collection includes items for all seasons. Skirts, shirts, pants – CSJV youngsters have a wide variety to choose from.

A form will be sent to parents of all international students to guide them in their children's clothing options.

See the collection for grades 5 and 6

See the collection for grades 7 to 11


The CSJV offers all its students an infirmary, which is run by volunteer parents every day of the week. Should any problems arise, our youngsters can go at any time to seek advice and care, if needed.